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Paddle/Action game.

WoodP**g is an up-to-date remake after the old but gold P**g game. With a new look and feel, WoodP**g brings back the old time into a new dimension. Fast graphics, incredible real sound, advanced artificial intelligence and many other features, makes WoodP**g a very addictive game that can be played anytime, whole-day-long. Old look and feel is also included and is dedicated to Ralph H. Baer, the inventor of the video game.

Fast pace action game.

"We need a Crow Buster to hire" says a sign nailed up on an old tree. Are you ready for this job? If you are, then hurry up, grab your shotgun and get to work. You have to defend the corn as much as you can from the hungry crows. There are 25 days left to harvest. Do you think you can do it? Will see.

Windows 9x ME 2000 XP

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