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Professional, secure, easy-to-use Wiki server By: Commercial
Cost: $199.00 US

1.1% popularity: ProjectForum
A professional workgroup Wiki server you can install and run with ease.
ProjectForum is a professional-grade, full-featured and secure workgroup Wiki server that makes it easy for a team of people to collaborate. It is entirely self-contained and hassle-free to install and use.
Size: 5.94MB
Last version date: Aug 01, 2016

Professional booking list. By: Commercial
Cost: $50.00 US

0% popularity: dS-Belegungsplan
Professional booking list.
Professional booking list.
Size: 824KB
Last version date: Oct 21, 2013

Store, access, and share files online. By: Real Time Logic Free
Cost: $0.00 US

70.6% popularity: BarracudaDrive Application Server
With BarracudaDrive, it's easy to store, access, and share files online
Can you really trust content stored by online service providers? Since BarracudaDrive is exclusively hosted by you, it becomes your personal cloud, allowing you to store and access your files and appliances anytime from anywhere.
Size: 4.13MB
Last version date: Mar 05, 2013

A Live USB FTP/WWW and WordPress server By: Sanatana Dharma Demo
Cost: $25.00 US

0% popularity: MaheshaBSD Server
A Live USB easy WordPress and file server that boots off a USB flash drive
A smart and simple FTP/WWW and WordPress server based on FreeBSD 9.0 RELEASE (i386). Purchasing a Windows license is not necessary, as this software is already an operating system (FreeBSD). WordPress will run immediately. You will just log in.
Size: 590.91MB
Last version date: Feb 25, 2013

BigAnt IM Server. By: BigAnt IM Server Free To Try
Cost: $399.00 US

36.7% popularity: BigAnt IM Server
Create a secure instant messaging system with BigAnt Instant Messenger Server.
Create a secure and stable instant messaging system with BigAnt IM Server. The administrative level of BigAnt IM Server is particular designed for business use. Easy for maintenance and with advanced features.
Size: 18.57MB
Last version date: Jun 01, 2012

BigAnt corporate messaging server. By: BigAnt office messenger server Free To Try
Cost: $299.00 US

0% popularity: BigAnt Office Instant Messaging Server
BigAnt corporate messaging server for business communication.
BigAnt corporate messaging server works with BigAnt office messenger client program based on the IM server/client principle. It is for company to set up your own private messaging network without having to use and depend on public IM servers.
Size: 18.57MB
Last version date: Jun 01, 2012

Servers that you configure: Email to Security By: Collax GmbH Free To Try
Cost: $110.00 US

0% popularity: Collax Platform Server
Servers where you choose what they do: Security, Backup, Email, Networking
The Collax Platform Server is a reliable and scalable foundation for your business that has only the functionality you choose. Pick from a wide range of functionality modules to create a customized server and expand anytime: Size or functionality
Size: 534MB
Last version date: May 10, 2010

Corporate Mail Manager for Windows By: unternehmen online GmbH & Co KG Commercial
Cost: $418.00 US

0% popularity: Corporate Mail Manager - Business 10 - Linux
Signature advertising for outgoing company e-mails.
All outgoing e-mails of a company can be provided automatically with content like messages, product notes or current enterprise news.
Size: 46.96MB
Last version date: Apr 28, 2006

Matches:  8 First     Previous       Page 1 of 1       Next     Last

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