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US to metric system conversion software. By: Free To Try
Cost: $29.99 US

61.3% popularity: Do The Math
US to metric system conversion for length, area, mass volume and temperature.
Download free trial version of Do The Math, a Windows desktop program for bi-directional conversion between US measurements and the metric system, International System of Units (SI). Conversion types include length, area, mass volume and temperature.
Size: 554KB
Last version date: Dec 18, 2010

Teach kids math by practice By: IT Consultants Free To Try
Cost: $9.99 US

58.8% popularity: OurFlashcards
easy to setup and easy to use
OurFlashcards is a program aimed at helping students of different ages practice and enhance their math skills. Each flash card is randomly created by the computer, based on the specifications set by the user, parent, or educator.
Size: 641KB
Last version date: Oct 01, 2010

Operations tables and technics By: dol88 Free To Try
Cost: $3.00 US

19.2% popularity: Times tables and operations
Operations tables and technics
This software helps you to learn operation tables in a tetris like manner and also to pose all the long operations and solve them step by step with explanations;
Size: 634KB
Last version date: Jun 06, 2010

Find percentage of any number. By: BREAKTRU SOFTWARE Free
Cost: $0.00 US

63.4% popularity: PERCENT CE
Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number.Great little tool.
Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number. Great little tool to have on hand.
Size: 1.08MB
Last version date: May 30, 2010

Math worksheet creation software. By: Schoolhouse Technologies Inc. Demo
Cost: $64.00 US

0% popularity: Math Resource Studio
A powerful, easy-to-use math worksheet generation program.
Produce over 70 mathematics worksheet activities to advance skills in number operations, number concepts, fractions, numeration, time, measurement, money, problem solving and more.
Size: 7.51MB
Last version date: Jan 13, 2010

Fly High with and have fun with Math Flight! By: Castor Studios Free To Try
Cost: $4.99 US

1.1% popularity: Math-Flight 2
Fly High while having fun learning basic mathematics with Math Flight!
Learning mathematics can be a challenge for anyone. Math Flight can help you master it with three fun activities to choose from! With lots of graphics and sound effects, your interest in learning math should never decline.
Size: 16.52MB
Last version date: Oct 18, 2009

Your child can learn and reinforce the basics By: Anasoft Consulting Free To Try
Cost: $2.95 US

1% popularity: Times Tables
Great little program to really help your child learn the Times Tables well
Inexpensive, simple and effective. This game will help your child learn the Times Tables and will reinforce that learning. From simple flash cards, to Time Trials with High Scores, your child will enjoy learning this fundamental maths concept.
Size: 1.75MB
Last version date: Oct 15, 2009

Free Units Converter by Tvalx By: Tvalx Free
Cost: $0.00 US

52.7% popularity: Tvalx Units Converter
Easy to use and reliable unit converting software.
Tvalx Units Converter is a lightweight and reliable unit converter that deals with units of temperature, weight, length, volume and area.
Size: 1.72MB
Last version date: Jul 01, 2009

Learn fractions faster. By: Fast Rabbit Software, LLC Free To Try
Cost: $12.95 US

0% popularity: FRS Fraction Master
Learn fractions faster.
FRS Fraction Master can be used in introducing fraction skills, reinforcing lessons in the classroom, or remedial practice.
Size: 2.15MB
Last version date: May 09, 2009

Plot and analyze graphs of equations and data By: Alentum Software, Inc. Free To Try
Cost: $29.95 US

36.1% popularity: Advanced Grapher
Plot and analyze graphs of equations and data
Graphing, curve fitting and calculating software. Graphs Cartesian, polar and parametric functions, graphs of tables, implicit functions and inequalities. Calculus features: regression analysis, derivatives, tangents, normals and more.
Size: 1.38MB
Last version date: Mar 09, 2009

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