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Compares and merges files and folders 2-way By: Ellie Computing Free To Try
Cost: $40.00 US

73.5% popularity: ECMerge Standard (Bundle)
ECMerge diffs/merges local/FTP/SCC files/folders 2-way with syntax colouring
ECMerge compares and merges safely your files and folders, side-by-side. It provides syntax colouring for many languages, supports many office and archive formats, pretty prints XML. It generates patch/XML/HTML reports for review or reuse.
Size: 46.88MB
Last version date: Dec 03, 2015

UML modeling tool with code engineering By: Metamill Software Free To Try
Cost: $59.95 US

14.3% popularity: Metamill
UML modeling tool with UML 2.4 support and round-trip ADA,Java, C/C++, .Net
Metamill is a professional UML modeling tool. Supports UML 2.4 standard. All 14 UML diagrams supported. Round-trip engineering for ADA,Java,C,C++, C# and VB.Net. RTF and HTML document generation. Fast and easy to use.
Size: 15.2MB
Last version date: Nov 26, 2015

GraphEdit done right! By: Dee Mon Free To Try
Cost: $59.90 US

81.8% popularity: GraphEditPlus
A must-have tool for DirectShow developers - GraphEdit done right!
GraphEditPlus will make each DirectShow developer's life much easier. Edit multiple graphs, see every bit of each mediatype, control your filters and generate C++ or C# code of a working application. DirectShow development was never so easy before!
Size: 490KB
Last version date: Sep 11, 2015

Free file and folder compare and merge tool By: Devart Free To Try
Cost: $49.95 US

36.7% popularity: Code Compare Pro
Code Compare - free file and folder diff & merge tool, Visual Studio integrated
Code Compare is a free powerful tool designed to compare and merge differing files and folders. It can be used as a Visual Studio add-in and as a standalone application. It contains folder synchronization and Code Compare options customization.
Size: 10.8MB
Last version date: Jul 30, 2015

Automate your software builds By: Kinook Software, Inc. Free To Try
Cost: $295.00 US

39.2% popularity: Visual Build Professional
The build management solution for Windows and web developers
Visual Build Professional enables software developers to create an automated, repeatable process for building and deploying quality software. It provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Developer Studio, Delphi, and more.
Size: 9.59MB
Last version date: Jul 08, 2015

Convert TrueType fonts to the BGI CHR format. By: Pino Navato Free To Try
Cost: $110.00 US

71.7% popularity: Easy Fonts
Convert TrueType fonts to the CHR format used by the BGI.
Easy Fonts is an utility for Borland programmers. It converts any TrueType font to the CHR format used by the Borland Graphic Interface (BGI). The conversion is fully automatic and instantaneous.
Size: 25KB
Last version date: May 15, 2015

HexTemplate is a binary template view utility By: Fairdell Software Free To Try
Cost: $29.95 US

27.7% popularity: HexTemplate
HexTemplate is a tool for view of structured binary files in convenient format.
HexTemplate gives you a convenient way to view binary files with a specific structure. HexTemplate includes a visual template editor. HexTemplate template editor doesn?t require any special skills or knowledge of programming and script languages.
Size: 1.49MB
Last version date: Jan 29, 2015

DbWeigher compares MS Access databases. By: Free To Try
Cost: $67.00 US

35% popularity: DbWeigher
DbWeigher shows differences in the structures of Microsoft Access databases.
The DbWeigher is the software for developers using MS Access database as database backend. With the help of this program you can compare the structures of Microsoft Access databases. As a result of the comparison a sql script is created.
Size: 918KB
Last version date: Jul 11, 2014

Obfuscator for the assembler source code By: PELock Free To Try
Cost: $10.00 US

40.8% popularity: Obfuscator
x86 assembler obfuscator
Obfuscator is a tool to modify x86 assembler source code in this way to make an analysis of compiled code very difficult.
Size: 703KB
Last version date: May 09, 2014

Simple in use analyzer of USB traffic By: FabulaTech Free To Try
Cost: $199.00 US

76% popularity: USB Monitor Pro
Effective and simple in use analyzer of USB traffic for Windows
USB Monitor Pro is an effective and, at the same time, simple in use analyzer of USB traffic for Windows. It allows to monitor incoming and outgoing data of a USB device plugged into the computer.
Size: 6.5MB
Last version date: Apr 24, 2014

Matches:  116 First     Previous       Page 2 of 12       Next     Last

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