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Stop bot automated registrations.(CAPTCHA?) By: i-Din Digital Works Free To Try
Cost: $49.00 US

34.9% popularity: BotVerify for ASP.NET
ASP.NET web control that helps web developers prevent automated registrations.
BotVerify for ASP.NET is an ASP.NET Web Control that allows you to prevent automated registrations on your web site - (known as CAPTCHA?).
Size: 2.5MB
Last version date: May 09, 2007

Turn an application into a rule-based system By: VDE Technologies LLC Demo
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: RuleLab.Net Business Rules Engine (BRE)
Separate business logic from code. Turn an application into a rule-based system.
Business Rules Engine (BRE) enables the separation of business logic from application code through building the business rules in XML. Create, share, manage, and store your Rule files online; integrate them into your system via the BRE component.
Size: 107KB
Last version date: May 02, 2007

Email Validation Component By: Live Software Inc Free To Try
Cost: $24.95 US

0% popularity: Live Email Validation Component
Email Validation Component
The Email Validation Component is a true native, 100% managed C# component that can be implemented for both Webform and Winform. Features: 1. An accurate syntax check 2. A domain check by looking up MX records 3. A username test using SMTP
Size: 1.2MB
Last version date: May 01, 2007

Calendar Component Professional By: Anticariat Online Commercial
Cost: $50.00 US

1.9% popularity: Calendar Component Professional
Calendar Component Professional is ready to use in your Swing applications.
Calendar Component is a date selection library ready to use in Swing applications and provides simple and documented interface, ready to use with hands-on sample code, skin style support and more.
Size: 3.64MB
Last version date: Apr 26, 2007

MS Access colored button add-in By: Peter's Software Free To Try
Cost: $24.95 US

32.1% popularity: Button Painter for MS Access
Add attractive colors, and other effects to your MS Access command buttons.
Button Painter is an add-in for Microsoft Access that adds smooth gradient colors to your command buttons and allows for button color changes on mouse over and when buttons are clicked.
Size: 1.61MB
Last version date: Apr 24, 2007

Java SQL engine for fast data processing. By: J-Stels Software Free To Try
Cost: $139.00 US

0% popularity: StelsEngine - fast in-memory SQL database (in-memo
StelsEngine is a fast in-memory SQL engine (in-memory JDBC).
StelsEngine is a fast in-memory SQL engine (in-memory JDBC) for processing tabular data in Java applications. Using StelsEngine, you can make processing data in your software considerably easier and quicker. StelsEngine implements JDBC API standard.
Size: 207KB
Last version date: Apr 24, 2007

HsSmsDLL Library (GSM 07.05) - Secure SMS By: Hillstone Software Demo
Cost: $0.00 US

26.2% popularity: HS SMS DLL (GSM 07.05)
HsSmsDLL Library (GSM 07.05) - Secure SMS Library (with integrated encryption)
HsSmsDLL is a Windows DLL enabling applications to send, receive, read and delete SMS messages via a GSM modem attached to COM port, according to GSM 07.05, 03.40. The library comes with integrated encryption AES,DES,3DES,ARC4,CAST128,Blowfish,2fish
Size: 752KB
Last version date: Apr 17, 2007

Communicate with users from within software. By: NotePage, Inc. Free
Cost: $0.00 US

29.8% popularity: FeedForDev
Communicate with users from within your software application using RSS Feeds.
Integrate components into your application, to communicate with users. Use standard RSS feeds and provide users tips, marketing messages and a steady stream of communication when an application is used.
Size: 1.4MB
Last version date: Mar 26, 2007

AIFileGridView Free .Net Component By: Accelerated Ideas Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: AIFileGridView
AIFileGridView, Free .Net Component - Windows Explorer File Grid
AIFileGridView contains a wealth of strong features providing you with a Windows Explorer like grid for any of your Windows .Net applications. With built in Icon and File Type support..
Size: 841KB
Last version date: Mar 12, 2007

Highly optimized hash, CRC and HMAC library. By: SlavaSoft Inc. Free To Try
Cost: $149.95 US

2.5% popularity: QuickHash Library
Fast, highly optimized implementation of popular hash, CRC and HMAC algorithms.
Fast, highly optimized implementation of hash, checksum, HMAC algorithms: MD2,MD4,MD5,SHA-1,SHA-2(256,384,512),RIPEMD(128,160,256,320),PANAMA,TIGER,CRC-32,CRC-16,CRC-CCITT,ADLER32. Allows calculations for files, memory blocks, strings,streaming data.
Size: 692KB
Last version date: Mar 05, 2007

Matches:  430 First     Previous       Page 36 of 43       Next     Last

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