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Building independent resource files. By: GmbH Time-limited trial
Cost: $79.00 US

36% popularity: Resource Database Editor
Building EXE file independent resource files. .NET 1.1/2.0 in C#/VB; also VB 6.
With this editor it is possible to build EXE file independent resource files, which can be read by any project over a DLL at runtime. Multiple example projects included that show you handling of the DLL. For .NET Framework 1.1/2.0 in C#/VB. Also VB6.
Size: 1004KB
Last version date: Jan 13, 2012

NET WinForms OLAP controls: Visual Analysis By: Radar-Soft, L.L.C. Free To Try
Cost: $399.00 US

0% popularity: RadarCube OLAP Chart Windows Forms
NET Windows Forms OLAP controls: Visual Analysis of Business data, OLAP Chart
NET Windows Forms OLAP controls (both Grid and Chart) to add Visual OLAP Analysis to your applications. Displays business data in charts and graphs rather than in numbers. Works with a relational database or MS Analysis Services.
Size: 22.8MB
Last version date: Jan 12, 2012

Serial port interface ActiveX By: StrokeScribe Free To Try
Cost: $7.00 US

0% popularity: StrokeReader
A serial port interface ActiveX component for Excel, Access, Visual Basic
A serial port interface ActiveX component for Excel, Access and Visual Basic. Provides asynchronous I/O, serial port state change notifications and strong buffering capability.
Size: 404KB
Last version date: Jan 12, 2012

Get the unique serial number from hardware. By: AzSDK Technology Free To Try
Cost: $59.95 US

39.1% popularity: AzSDK HardwareID DLL
Get the unique serial number of CPU, HDD, BIOS, NIC in your program.
AzSDK HardwareID DLL allows you to get unique machine fingerprint collected from CPU, HDD, BIOS, NIC components.
Size: 1.72MB
Last version date: Dec 12, 2011

Parent Selector Column for SharePoint By: ArtfulBits Inc. Free To Try
Cost: $75.00 US

0% popularity: Parent Selector Column
Components for organizing hierarchical data.
Parent Selector Column is intended to lookup to self (containing list) in order to display hierarchical data. Main difference with standard SharePoint Lookup is absence of own item (standard SharePoint Lookup contains own item).
Size: 1.5MB
Last version date: Dec 02, 2011

ACID Compliant .NET Database By: Kellerman Software Free To Try
Cost: $299.99 US

0% popularity: Ninja .NET Database Pro
Compact and fast ACID Compliant .NET Database
Ninja Database Pro is an ACID Compliant .NET Database for Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, and desktop. Features: LINQ, transactions, caching, triggers, indexes, encryption, compression, import XML, export XML, export schema, and more. Try it today.
Size: 4.56MB
Last version date: Nov 28, 2011

.NET Licensing Library By: SeriousBit Free To Try
Cost: $249.95 US

37.3% popularity: SeriousBit Ellipter
.NET Licensing Library based on Elliptic Curves Asimmetric Cryptography
SeriousBit Ellipter is a .NET library for licensing shareware applications and components based on Elliptic Curves Asymmetric Cryptography. With our library you can create or verify secure product keys in just 3 lines of code! Linux/Mono 2.0 support.
Size: 1.05MB
Last version date: Nov 18, 2011

Raster to Vector Converter SDK. By: wang zhi xiang Free To Try
Cost: $799.50 US

4.6% popularity: Raster to Vector Converter SDK
Raster to Vector Converter SDK.
Raster to Vector converter SDK, which can high-speed convert raster bitmap into vector supports such all kinds of image format as BMP,JPG,TGA,TIF,PCX etc.
Size: 432KB
Last version date: Nov 08, 2011

Fast real-time chart/graph for .NET By: Arction Ltd Free
Cost: $0.00 US

7.6% popularity: LightningChart Basic
Fast real-time monitoring chart/graph library for .NET and Windows
LightningChart Basic is a very fast chart control. It provides very good real-time monitoring power while keeping the CPU load extremely low. This is a free, lite version of LightningChart Pro.
Size: 19.07MB
Last version date: Oct 26, 2011

Text editor control with syntax highlighting By: EControl Ltd. Free To Try
Cost: $200.00 US

3.3% popularity: EControl Syntax Editor SDK
Powerful text editor control with syntax highlighting, text folding...
Powerful text editor control with syntax highlighting, text folding, text structure tree view... The unique and more important feature is 100% customizable lexer, so you can adjust it for any type of text file. Library contains 34 components.
Size: 7.21MB
Last version date: Oct 15, 2011

Matches:  429 First     Previous       Page 22 of 43       Next     Last

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