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Vphonet free calls, SMS, videoconferencing By: IMSeD GmbH Free
Cost: $0.00 US

38.6% popularity: Vphonet
Enjoy amazing voice-video-sms-chat features with Vphonet.
Vphonet is a software application that allows Internet users to make voice calls over the Internet. Calls, video conferences, file transfer, SMS between users within the Vphonet service are free, calls to traditional telephones can be made for cents
Size: 3.11MB
Last version date: Feb 01, 2011

Chirp - Phone2phone calls via Betamax By: ArtfulBits Free To Try
Cost: $5.99 US

0% popularity: Chirp
Chirp - Cheap international calls via Betamax from Windows Mobile
Chirp - Windows Mobile application designed to make very cheap international calls via wide variety of Betamax providers. Connects any two landline or mobile phones all over the world. Uses Internet only for call setup.
Size: 2.88MB
Last version date: Dec 30, 2010

Symbian SMS Manager browses messages on PC. By: Oxygen Software Demo
Cost: $24.95 US

0% popularity: Symbian SMS Manager
Symbian SMS Manager is designed to manage all types of messages on PC easily.
Manage SMS and other messages on PC easily and conveniently with Symbian SMS Manager. Read all your messages from phone, save them on PC, restore back to phone, send plain and Unicode SMS to one or many recipients and work with custom folders.
Size: 4.07MB
Last version date: Dec 24, 2010

Panasonic KX-TA/TES/TEM programming software By: Zeosoft Free To Try
Cost: $49.00 US

44.2% popularity: KXTA Programmator
Programming software for Panasonic KX-TA/KX-TES/KX-TEM PBX
KX-TA/KX-TE Programmator is a compact, yet powerful hardware configuration tool for the KX-TA line of Panasonic PBX products. The program considerably simplifies the setup and configuration process.
Size: 944KB
Last version date: Dec 14, 2010

Program for sending sms. By: SMS-center Free
Cost: $0.00 US

82.5% popularity: SMScenter
Local program to send SMS via SMS Gateway provider.
Local program to send SMS via SMS Gateway. Data on subscribers are entered into the program and are stored only on your computer. Can be split into groups of recipients sms, send sms with substituting composite subscriber's name, etc.
Size: 18.92MB
Last version date: Dec 03, 2010

A Professional call recorder solution By: Concel Systems Demo
Cost: $280.00 US

0% popularity: Diacorder
A Professional call recorder solution for you office.
The DIACORDER USB series is a full featured analogue line call recorder that supports passive call recording on ground start and loop start analog networks. A combination of very carefully hardware design with a elegant and reliable piece of software
Size: 3.73MB
Last version date: Sep 21, 2010

Initiate phonecalls from a PC on a Snom phone By: Fleisoft Free To Try
Cost: $19.70 US

47% popularity: Remote Dial for Snom VOIP Phones
Initiate phonecalls from a PC on a Snom VOIP phone with a single keystroke
Remote Dial for Snom VOIP Phones enables you to initiate phonecalls from your PC on your Snom VOIP Phone (1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 8xx) with a single keystroke without the need to manually enter phone numbers.
Size: 1.07MB
Last version date: Aug 20, 2010

Record Skype Calls, Chats and More! By: G-Recorder Free To Try
Cost: $39.99 US

47% popularity: G-Recorder Professional for Skype
Record Skype calls and chat history to your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and more!
With G-Recorder Professional you can easily record Skype calls and chats to Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo, AOL and any IMAP server. Best suited for heavy Skype users and small business. Allows effectively retain, search and access voice and text chats.
Size: 1.5MB
Last version date: Aug 14, 2010

A powerful and intuitive VoIP SIP Server By: VoipSipSDK Free To Try
Cost: $499.00 US

50% popularity: ABTO SIP Server
A powerful and intuitive VoIP SIP Server
ABTO SIP Server supports making calls over Internet and defines the way of handling of interactive voice, video and IM sessions.
Size: 89KB
Last version date: Jul 14, 2010

Free VoIP Phone. Use with any VoIP Provider By: 3CX Ltd Free
Cost: $0.00 US

6% popularity: 3CX Phone FREE VoIP Phone
Free VOIP Phone. Use your PC as a phone. Works with any SIP/ VOIP provider.
Free VOIP / SIP phone (softphone) for Windows. Use your PC as a phone. Works with popular VOIP providers and SIP PBX's (including 3CX Phone System). Easy to use & light weight. Full version, not a lite version! Free download from
Size: 3.39MB
Last version date: Feb 02, 2010

Matches:  69 First     Previous       Page 5 of 7       Next     Last

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