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Multifunctional organizer. By: Fedor Yastrebov Free To Try
Cost: $21.99 US

26.4% popularity: Extra-Organizer
Multifunctional organizer: planner, phone book, calendar, to-do list.
Organizer is your personal secretary, that never forgets about anything! It releases your memory, notifies about planned events in advance, reminds about urgent businesses!
Size: 3.99MB
Last version date: Oct 03, 2012

Easy to use calendar and planner software. By: Eshasoft Free To Try
Cost: $39.95 US

72.1% popularity: All-In-One Desktop Calendar Software
Easy to use calendar - will help you manage appointments, to-do lists and more.
Eshasoft Desktop Calendar Software is a user-friendly and fun to use all-in-one productivity tool. With Eshasoft All-In-One Desktop Calendar Software, you can easily organize your time and contacts, and browse the Web with no pop-ups.
Size: 3.54MB
Last version date: Sep 06, 2012

Free Excel Contact Scheduler with Reminders By: Free
Cost: $0.00 US

39.7% popularity: Excel Contact Appointment Scheduler
Free Excel Contact Scheduler with Automatic Appointment Reminders and Recurring
The Free Excel Contact Scheduler can easily schedule all of you contacts, and send out customized reminder emails automatically. Scheduling multiple, recurring appointments at any frequency, and sort contacts alphabetically at the click of a button.
Size: 2.28MB
Last version date: Aug 30, 2012

Smart and flexible reminder manager. By: Abaiko Software Free To Try
Cost: $24.95 US

0% popularity: Reminder Commander
A smart reminder manager that reminds you about important events in advance.
Reminder Commander will help you create a system of reminders for important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, important phone calls and much more.
Size: 5.64MB
Last version date: Jul 02, 2012

Online Calendar Software. By: Duoserve Free To Try
Cost: $7.95 US

23.6% popularity: ScheduFlow Online Calendar Software
Easy to use Online Calendar Software.
ScheduFlow Online Calendar Software is an Online Calendar Software for managing schedules and calendars, replacing your appointment book. This Online calendar software allows sharing of scheduling data over the Internet.
Size: 35.29MB
Last version date: Jun 05, 2012

A highly customizable monthly calendar By: Nikolay Sukhorukov Free
Cost: $0.00 US

10.3% popularity: SNV Calendar Lite
Display highly customizable monthly calendar at your desktop.
With this calendar program a selected date can be copied to the Clipboard, the difference between a current date and another date can be calculated and any number of instances of the Calendar may be run simultaneously.
Size: 752KB
Last version date: May 22, 2012

Journal writing for professionals By: Right Mind Logic Free
Cost: $0.00 US

16.6% popularity:
The journal writing tool for every-day use by demanding professionals. has been designed from the ground up as the journal writing tool for professionals. It runs on Windows operating systems and has very strong navigation capabilities and industrial-strength full-text search.
Size: 16.03MB
Last version date: May 18, 2012

DAISHO - Productivity for the 21st century By: DAISHO Blacksmith GmbH Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: DAISHO
DAISHO - The personal productivity software for the 21st century
DAISHO is the integrated productivity software for professionals: goal-, time- and task-management, contact management with CRM features, email client. Synchronization with Smartphones via Runs from USB stick. Netbook Mode.
Size: 79.88MB
Last version date: May 08, 2012

Freebie Notes is a easy to use reminder. By: Power Soft Free
Cost: $0.00 US

3.4% popularity: Freebie Notes
Great little program for users who just want sticky notes with an alarm timer.
Freebie Notes is a easy to use reminder for Windows. With Freebie Notes you can create notes displaying on your desktop. Your notes can be displayed immediately after creation or in the certain moments of time.
Size: 2.3MB
Last version date: Apr 15, 2012

Desktop notes organizer and reminder. By: Power Soft Free To Try
Cost: $21.95 US

2.3% popularity: Power Notes
Power Notes is a desktop notes organizer, reminder and scheduler for Windows.
Power Notes is a desktop notes organizer, reminder and scheduler for Windows allowing you to create electronic stickers and display them when the time is due. The program is very easy to use and has low system requirements.
Size: 2.44MB
Last version date: Apr 15, 2012

Matches:  271 First     Previous       Page 11 of 28       Next     Last

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