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Create test data and anonymize sensitive data By: Orpheus GmbH Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: Data Masking Suite
Easily mask sensitive data and create test data before handing it over to others
Data Masking Suite - simple to install, flexible, and easy to use. Create test data and mask sensitive data in less than 5 minutes. Try the free version of Data Masking Suite.
Size: 252.91MB
Last version date: Aug 01, 2012

Automate SQL Server Reporting Services report By: ChristianSteven Software Ltd Commercial
Cost: $6995.00 US

10.2% popularity: SQL-RD Small Biz
Automate single or batches of SQL Server Reporting Services reports
Schedule SQL Server Reporting Services reports in daily, weekly, monthly etc. A single report in an e-mail, or a batch of reports in an email. Output to a folder, ftp, fax or a printer. Choose from Word, Excel, HTML, Acrobat (PDF), RTF and more.
Size: 88.12MB
Last version date: Jul 02, 2012

Smarter business computing spreadsheet By: Raqsoft Free To Try
Cost: $312.00 US

88.2% popularity: esCalc
Smarter spreadsheet for business data calculating beyond Excel.
esCalc is a smarter spreadsheet software for business data calculating that delivers self-service business intelligence solutions. It combines with Excel and other traditional spreadsheet advantages and styles, which could be conveniently used.
Size: 50.5MB
Last version date: Jul 01, 2012

A self organizing Internet research tool By: AdviceSoft LLC Free To Try
Cost: $29.95 US

55.5% popularity: iMiser Research Assistant
Add Permanence to the Web! Save and organize Web pages, email, images, and text
Add Permanence to the Web with this award winning software! Save and organize Web pages, blogs, email, images, text, RSS, newsgroup messages, and more. Save txt, html, rtf, doc, and pdf files. Add saved data to iMiser Favorites with one click.
Size: 6.35MB
Last version date: Jun 12, 2012

Automatically Documents SQL Server Databases By: Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited Commercial
Cost: $49.95 US

2.6% popularity: SQL Documentation Tool
Automatic database documentor utility for Microsoft SQL Server databases
Database documentor generator tool that automatically documents your Microsoft SQL Server databases. Documentation is created in HTML, HTML Help, RTF and text formats.
Size: 10.36MB
Last version date: Jun 11, 2012

Professional SSRS Gauge component By: Nevron Software Commercial
Cost: $589.00 US

48% popularity: Nevron Gauge for SSRS
Professional Gauge component for SQL Server Reporting Services
Nevron Gauge for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2005/2008 is an advanced report item, which delivers a complete set of gauge types, highly customizable axes, tight data integration and unmatched visual effects to your reports.
Size: 26.31MB
Last version date: Apr 24, 2012

Economic analysis for alternate fuel vehicles By: B+B Systems, LLC Free To Try
Cost: $1500.00 US

63.5% popularity: CNG
Compare the cost of any alternate fuel scenario, for any type of vehicle.
Size: 7.44MB
Last version date: Apr 18, 2012

For Media companies who want to track By: B+B Systems, LLC Free To Try
Cost: $750.00 US

34.8% popularity: bbclient
For Media companies who want to track their customers/clients, and the ad ags
For Media companies who want to track their customers/clients, and the ad agencies representing them. You can see all clients, or all clients for each ad agency.
Size: 11.44MB
Last version date: Apr 18, 2012

Powerful tool to document your databases By: Logica2 Free To Try
Cost: $99.00 US

35.8% popularity: dbdesc
DbDesc produces detailed documents describing the schema of your databases.
DbDesc is designed to fully document SQL Server, MySQL, Access and Firebird databases. It allows you to completely customize the output using XSL templates. Html, Rtf and Word 2003 templates are included. New report engine with PDF support.
Size: 10.55MB
Last version date: Apr 09, 2012

Viewer for Personal Knowbase data files. By: Bitsmith Software Free
Cost: $0.00 US

36.7% popularity: Personal Knowbase Reader
Viewer for files created with Personal Knowbase freeform note manager software.
Personal Knowbase Reader is a viewer for data files created by Personal Knowbase freeform note management software. Share Knowbase content with friends or co-workers, even if they don't have a copy of Personal Knowbase. Free for personal use.
Size: 1.65MB
Last version date: Apr 02, 2012

Matches:  384 First     Previous       Page 17 of 39       Next     Last

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