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Simple start menu application for USB sticks By: Aignesberger Software GmbH Trialware
Cost: $0.00 US

0.9% popularity: Portable Start Menu
Simple start menu application for USB sticks and local PCs
Portable Start Menu is a simple start menu application that can be installed on USB sticks or local PCs. Programs can be launched via a tray icon. If you close Portable Start Menu on an USB-Stick, running applications can be closed automatically, too
Size: 961KB
Last version date: Nov 25, 2009

Power off, log off, hibernate your PC By: Lonking Software, LLC Free To Try
Cost: $29.95 US

0% popularity: Auto Shutdown Genius
Automate your PC power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby etc.
Automate your PC Shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby or screen save your computers at schedule date and time, the computer is idle or excessive CPU usage.
Size: 1.3MB
Last version date: May 01, 2009

Run your Skype from USB flash drive By: Free
Cost: $0.00 US

4.8% popularity: Skype Portable Launcher
Run your Skype from USB flash drive, carry your application, profile, settings
Portable Skype Launcher - the utility for launching Skype from a flash drive. Run your Skype application directly from your portable drive with no need of installation, carry your profile, settings and history always with you
Size: 235KB
Last version date: Apr 22, 2009

Replacement for Quick Launch By: Tordex Free
Cost: $0.00 US

1.5% popularity: Free Launch Bar
Replacement for Quick Launch with menu support
Free Launch Bar is compatible with Quick Launch and allows you to combine your shortcuts into popup menus with unlimited levels.
Size: 1.69MB
Last version date: Apr 14, 2009

Desktop toolbar and tray launcher By: Alentum Software, Inc. Free
Cost: $0.00 US

36.3% popularity: Advanced Launcher
Launch your favorite applications from a button bar or tray icon
Advanced Launcher is an integrated toolbar and tray launcher. It can show several fully customizable toolbars at a time. When you click a toolbar button it can either run an application (open a document) or show multilevel customizable menu.
Size: 601KB
Last version date: Feb 25, 2009

Energy Spy easy controls power of computer. By: FlexibleSoft Co. Free To Try
Cost: $24.97 US

0% popularity: Energy Spy
Energy Spy easy helps to control power functions of your computer.
The program controls the computer's power according to your schedule. You can restart the computer, leave it on standby or turn it off using a schedule you create beforehand, hot keys or the command line.
Size: 1.42MB
Last version date: Jan 07, 2009

Advanced Windows startup manager. By: hexilesoft Free To Try
Cost: $29.95 US

3.3% popularity: ActiveStartup Deluxe
Advanced Windows startup manager. Supports WindowsNT services.
ActiveStartup Deluxe is created for advanced control over Windows startup. With this tool you can view, edit, inspect all programs, that are loading at system startup including services for WindowsNT based operational systems.
Size: 737KB
Last version date: Nov 02, 2008

Create Keyboard Shortcuts with this utility By: RTSoftwares Free To Try
Cost: $5.00 US

0% popularity: Keyboard Shortcut
Keyboard Shortcut Utility to create Keyboard Shortcut/Hot Key to open programs
Open Programs and pass command line arguments with a simple key press on the keyboard. Create Shortcuts / Hot Keys to Launch applications / open document files by pressing user defined hot key / keyboard shortcut.
Size: 296KB
Last version date: Oct 15, 2008

Full featured desktop shortcut launcher. By: JCMatt software Free To Try
Cost: $14.95 US

0% popularity: PathfinderIII
Full featured desktop shortcut launcher.
Full featured desktop shortcut launcher. PathfinderIII keeps all of your important programs, frequently accessed folders, favorite web addresses and e-mail addresses within easy reach. It helps get rid of clutter on your desktop.
Size: 2.78MB
Last version date: Jun 14, 2008

Automatic computer optimizer By: Nikolai Kurkov Free To Try
Cost: $30.00 US

5.3% popularity: Background Optimizer
Background optimizer automatically optimizes computer while it?s idle.
When your computer idle Background Optimizer will start to clean disks, install updates, defragment ? everything that usually requires specialist to complete and uses additional time and requires unoccupied computer.
Size: 2.04MB
Last version date: May 27, 2008

Matches:  104 First     Previous       Page 6 of 11       Next     Last

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