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Excel document recovery tool. By: Cimaware Software Free To Try
Cost: $129.00 US

36.4% popularity: Excel Document Recovery
Excel document recovery software download, easily in your own PC.
Excel document recovery application. This tool cleans files of any corruption so the Excel document works properly.
Size: 5.03MB
Last version date: Sep 16, 2009

Free Disk Space Analyzer. Clean you disk. By: Windsty, Inc. Free
Cost: $0.00 US

34.4% popularity: Disk Space Analyzer
Disk Space Analyzer generates chart showing disk usage distribution.
Disk Space Analyzer generates chart showing disk usage distribution according folders and files.
Size: 921KB
Last version date: Sep 14, 2009

Freeware sitemap creator By: Konrad Papala Free
Cost: $0.00 US

1.3% popularity: Sitemap Creator
Freeware sitemap creator
Freeware sitemap creator, exports directory structure to a html file
Size: 781KB
Last version date: Aug 21, 2009

Shows relative size of files in a folder. By: Olexandr Lykho Free
Cost: $0.00 US

56.1% popularity: Dirlot
Shows relative size of both files and subdirectories in a directory on diagram.
The utility shows relative size of files and subdirectories in a directory on disk using columnar diagram. It allows you to quickly estimate how many space a file or subdirectory occupies on parent directory.
Size: 25KB
Last version date: Aug 06, 2009

Backup Windows 95/98/NT long filenames By: DataMystic Free To Try
Cost: $40.00 US

62.9% popularity: LFNit!
Backs up your long filenames so that you can still use old 16 bit utilities
Backs up your long filenames so that you can still use old 16 bit utilities. After 16 bit software has compressed, backed up, copied, moved or tranferred your files, use LFNit! to restore the long filenames with the completely portable .BAT file!
Size: 441KB
Last version date: Jul 27, 2009

Organize and Optimize your hard drive By: Paragon Software Group Free
Cost: $0.00 US

4.2% popularity: Paragon Partition Manager Express
Professional tool for easy and safe partitioning
Partition Manager Express provides easy and reliable hard drive partitioning and full-range of hard disk management.With Express Edition you can easily organize your hard drive and redistribute your free space.
Size: 9.56MB
Last version date: Jul 20, 2009

How to Organize - How to Organize Files By: How to Organize Free To Try
Cost: $39.95 US

0% popularity: How to Organize
How to Organize? How to Organize Files Everywhere? How to Organize easily?
How to Organize - learn how to organize different files. Use special tool to see how to organize mp3s, how to organize photos automatically, how to organize folders in any location and how to organize files in collections.
Size: 17.54MB
Last version date: Jul 12, 2009

Batch Rename Files and Folders By: KarvamSoft Demo
Cost: $24.95 US

0.7% popularity: Batch Rename Specialist
Batch File and Folder Name Changer.
Batch Rename Specialist enables you to rename files in many ways eg. suffixing, prefixing, replacing, adding JPG Exif data, adding MP3 ID3 data and many more.
Size: 5.03MB
Last version date: Jul 04, 2009

Print file or folder listings By: Wim Heirman Free To Try
Cost: $19.95 US

5% popularity: DirPrint
Print listings of files and folders on your hard disk or on the local network
With this program you can print a file-listing or a tree-like structure from any folder on your hard drive or a shared directory on the network. You can sort the listing by anything you want, apply filters, ...
Size: 1.54MB
Last version date: Jun 16, 2009

Erase hard drive, wipe file -Shredit Shredder By: Mireth Technology Corp. Free To Try
Cost: $24.95 US

1.2% popularity: ShredIt for Windows
Erase a hard drive, wipe a file with this easy to use File Shredder for Windows
Protect your privacy with this easy to use file shredder that shreds data so it can't be recovered. Whether you want to erase a hard drive or wipe a file, ShredIt for Windows is the computer privacy software that shreds files, hard drives and more.
Size: 1.3MB
Last version date: Jun 10, 2009

Matches:  511 First     Previous       Page 33 of 52       Next     Last

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