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Secure yet easy-to-use encryption software By: CryptoForge Encryption Software Time-limited trial
Cost: $39.70 US

75.8% popularity: CryptoForge
Strong file encryption software for personal and professional security.
This file encryption software allows you to encrypt, decrypt, and shred, any type of file or folder with ease. Built-in file shredder. A Text editor allows you to create and encrypt secure documents for sending by email or messenger programs.
Size: 7.77MB
Last version date: Jun 22, 2016

Encrypt or decrypt files and folders. By: WinTools Software Engineering Free To Try
Cost: $19.99 US

74.4% popularity: Fast File Encryptor
It can encrypt or decrypt files and contain a lot of additional tools.
Fast File Encryptor is designed for fast processing of extremely large files. It can encrypt or decrypt files, contents of folders and contains a lot of additional tools. Presents a flexible user interface with detailed messages about all operations.
Size: 559KB
Last version date: Jun 22, 2016

Cypherix LE Free Encryption Software By: Cypherix Encryption Software Free
Cost: $0.00 US

26% popularity: Cypherix LE Free Encryption Software
Cypherix LE Free File, Folder and Disk Encryption Software
Encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC. Any Media, any type of data. Cypherix LE Free Encryption Software. Password protect any file or folder with strong Encryption. Send secure e-mail. Protects data on USB Drives, CDs and HDDs. Freeware.
Size: 18.84MB
Last version date: Mar 01, 2016

Hard Drive Encryption. Lock any ext. drive By: Keynesis LLC Free To Try
Cost: $39.00 US

76.7% popularity: Keynesis Lockngo Professional / Hybrid
Hard Drive Encryption Software. Set Password for Drive of any type and size.
Hard Drive Encryption Software for External Disks. Lockngo is the perfect security protection for any external disk. Any type and size. No installation to computer required! Disk with Lockngo can be connected to any computer. For Mac and Windows.
Size: 513KB
Last version date: Oct 05, 2015

Quickly and safely encrypt files and folders. By: DoGoodSoft Free To Try
Cost: $39.95 US

74.2% popularity: Best Folder Encryptor
Protect files and folders with quick, safe encryption and abundant options.
Best Folder Encryptor quickly and safely encrypts files and folder in various ways - instant, hiding, super strong, packing and portable, and also offers enhanced features like folder disguise, disk protection, data lock, data shredding.
Size: 3.71MB
Last version date: Aug 31, 2015

New-generation software protection. By: VMProtect Software Demo
Cost: $499.00 US

38.5% popularity: VMProtect
The protected parts of code are executed on the virtual machine, which makes it
The protected parts of code are executed on the virtual machine, which makes it really difficult to analyze and crack the protected program. The built-in disassembler and using a MAP file will allow you to quickly select the necessary parts of the co
Size: 52.74MB
Last version date: Aug 25, 2015

Professional Steganography SW By: EmbeddedSW Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0.8% popularity: OpenPuff Steganography & Watermarking
Professional Steganography & Watermarking SW - Image/Audio/Video/Adobe support
Professional Steganography & Watermarking SW - Image/Audio/Video/Adobe/Flash support - [Home & Help]
Size: 5.06MB
Last version date: Aug 11, 2015

Copy Protect audios, videos and documents. By: Free To Try
Cost: $69.95 US

0% popularity: Copy Protect
Copy Protect any type of audios, videos, documents and pictures.
Copy Protect lets you copy protect your audios, videos, documents and pictures so that they cannot be distributed illegally. Copy Protect converts all supported formats into executable applications that run from only desired CDs/DVDs/Drives you want.
Size: 23.25MB
Last version date: Jun 25, 2015

Software Protection and Licensing System By: The Enigma Protector Developers Team Demo
Cost: $199.00 US

1.3% popularity: The Enigma Protector
Software Protection and Licensing System for Win32/64 PE and .NET executables
A professional system for licensing and protecting executable files for Windows. The Enigma Protector is an essential tool for every developer of commercial software and shareware for Windows.
Size: 15.35MB
Last version date: Jun 19, 2015

Encryption of physical and virtual disks. By: Exlade Free
Cost: $0.00 US

62% popularity: Cryptic Disk
Professional, yet easy, disk encryption software for your data security
Cryptic Disk creates virtual encrypted disks and encrypts hard disks, USB drives and memory cards. Encryption takes place in real time and does not affect computer performance.
Size: 15.07MB
Last version date: Jun 04, 2015

Matches:  176 First     Previous       Page 2 of 18       Next     Last

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