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Windows Grep, Find & Replace By: AJC Systems Ltd Free To Try
Cost: $45.00 US

0% popularity: AJC Grep
Windows Grep, Find & Replace with data extraction
AJC Grep is a powerful file finder, text search, replace and data extraction program for Windows. This is a major time saving tool for developers, documenters, web designers and anyone who has to search and replace in a large number of files.
Size: 1.45MB
Last version date: Nov 22, 2009

Free Geographical IP Locator! By: WorkMoment Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: IPToCountry
IPToCountry is a free tool to find out the country allocated to a particular IP
IPToCountry is a free to use tool to find out the country allocated to a particular IP address. Features include importing a list of IP addresses from a text file and exporting the IP address and country list to comma separated text file.
Size: 1.13MB
Last version date: Oct 09, 2009

Lyrics autocomplete search application. By: Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: Lyricos
Desktop application for lyrics search. With autocomplete functionality.
Lyricos provides user friendly approach to search lyrics on-line - autocomplete search will make it possible to find your favorite lyrics in a just few seconds.
Size: 387KB
Last version date: Sep 10, 2009

Search for available domain names. By: FlexibleSoft Co. Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: NIC Spider 2009
Search for available domain names.
NIC Spider is a powerful program for creating and checking the availability of domain names for your site. Using prefixes, the program will generate plenty of domain names mirroring the specificity of your site.
Size: 1.63MB
Last version date: Aug 11, 2009

MyUrls: Your personal URL database By: L and L's Software Delicatessen Demo
Cost: $10.00 US

0% popularity: MyUrls
MyUrls: the easiest and fastest way to mange your bookmark collection
MyUrls allows you to easily build and maintain a database of web sites you have visited and might wish to return to at a later date. You can then search your database by content, not the pages title.
Size: 3.43MB
Last version date: Aug 03, 2009

Extract leads from Google Maps. By: Google Maps Extractor Demo
Cost: $97.00 US

0% popularity: Touche Google Maps Extractor
Generate sales leads faster, make more business contacts from Google Maps.
Captures contact information such as business name, address, phone number from Google Maps.
Size: 1MB
Last version date: Jun 29, 2009

SurfedAndFound - IE search toolbar. By: Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: SurfedAndFound
SurfedAndFound - Internet Explorer search toolbar.
SurfedAndFound allows searching the content of visited and bookmarked webpages in Internet Explorer.
Size: 858KB
Last version date: Jun 09, 2009

Search the web on desktop with Googol Deskbar By: CrazyProgrammers Free
Cost: $0.00 US

4.1% popularity: Googol Deskbar
Googol Deskbar provides you with quick search over major search engines
Googol Deskbar provides you with quick search over major search engines and on-line services. Search from any application by pressing Ctl+Alt+G. Or choose engine you want to search by pressing Ctrl+G for Google, Ctrl+Y for Yahoo etc.
Size: 331KB
Last version date: Jan 30, 2009

Software to find Candidate Sourcing By: eGrabber Inc. Free To Try
Cost: $349.00 US

47% popularity: ResumeFinder
Automates passive resume search through all major search engines
eGrabber ResumeFinder, a popular resume search software, is designed to assist recruiters to find passive candidate from search engines. It has advanced boolean search scripts, in-built, to find resumes from Google, Yahoo, Live, AltaVista, etc.
Size: 7.94MB
Last version date: Jan 23, 2009

Find expired domain names! By: Rebrand Software, LLC Free To Try
Cost: $49.95 US

35.3% popularity: Expired Domain Sniffer
Find expired domain names on Yahoo, Google, or any other website!
Find expired domain names by browsing the internet, searching yahoo/google, and much more. Many programs in one!
Size: 8.71MB
Last version date: Dec 16, 2008

Matches:  104 First     Previous       Page 6 of 11       Next     Last

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