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Windows monitoring and notification software. By: Overseer Network Monitor Demo
Cost: $50.00 US

17.3% popularity: Overseer Network Monitor
Windows network/website/event log/service/disk/process monitoring software.
Windows monitoring software which designed to simplify monitoring and run as a service. Monitor websites, network devices, servers, services, event logs, diskspace, processes, and notifies administrators via Email, pager, cell phone, or net send.
Size: 29.71MB
Last version date: Jan 30, 2017

Easy yet advanced, quad-mode packet analyzer. By: NetworkActiv Free
Cost: $0.00 US

79.7% popularity: NetworkActiv PIAFCTM
Packet analyzer with HTTP file capture and a neat Graphical Packets Mode. Free.
Packet analyzer with HTTP file capture, a Graphical Packets Mode that shows traffic with visual effects, per-IP/per-Port/per-IP-Pair statistical information collection, and more. All in a single, easy to use Windows application. Freeware.
Size: 4.36MB
Last version date: Jan 25, 2017

IT Asset inventory, management and deployment By: Lansweeper Free
Cost: $0.00 US

44.5% popularity: Lansweeper
Agentless network inventory, IT asset management and software deployment
Lansweeper is an agentless Asset Management solution that can scan any network setup. Get a full hardware/software inventory to achieve full compliance, automatically deploy software and run command lines, integrate active directory ?
Size: 45.69MB
Last version date: Jan 17, 2017

Monitor your employees By: Wangya Monitoring Software Free To Try
Cost: $99.00 US

53% popularity: OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software
Easy-to-use that can be used by employers to monitor employees's activities.
OsMonitor employee monitoring software is designed for network computer monitoring. You can find every detail of your employees' computer on server. OsMonitor has a tiny file size which we believe is the smallest among all of the same products.
Size: 3.92MB
Last version date: Jan 11, 2017

By: IdeaData Free To Try
Cost: $0.00 US

39.2% popularity: NetFlow Auditor
Size: 89.36MB
Last version date: Dec 27, 2016

Monitor, filter and block Internet activities By: IMFirewall Software - internet content filtering s Free To Try
Cost: $330.00 US

11.8% popularity: WFilter Enterprise
Monitor, track, filter and block Internet activities of network computers
Monitor, track, filter and block Internet activities of network computers
Size: 30.5MB
Last version date: Nov 17, 2016

Graphical display of network data transfers By: Hagel Technologies Ltd. Free To Try
Cost: $21.95 US

80.9% popularity: DU Meter
Graphical display of network data transfer rates, reports, alerts and more
DU Meter monitors your computer's network bandwidth usage. It shows real-time graphs and can create reports and alerts based on your downloads and uploads. It can discriminate between Internet and LAN, calculate network traffic costs and much more.
Size: 6.16MB
Last version date: Nov 07, 2016

A server uptime monitor monitors connections. By: Alexander Yarovy Free To Try
Cost: $49.00 US

21.3% popularity: sMonitor
Monitor local and remote server connections with a server uptime monitor.
sMonitor is a server uptime monitor which will constantly monitor the online status of both local and remote servers. It provides a thorough reporting system, SMS/e-mail notifications and everything else that network administrators need.
Size: 5.99MB
Last version date: Sep 30, 2016

Automatic physical network topology discovery By: Yuriy Volokitin Free To Try
Cost: $30.00 US

41.3% popularity: LanTopoLog 2
Automatic physical network topology discovery, network map visualization
Provides automatic physical network topology discovery, network map visualization, detailed and searchable physical network topology map, monitoring device's state in real-time, network traffic monitoring, web browser-based access
Size: 1.13MB
Last version date: Sep 04, 2016

LANVisor: Remote Desktop Monitoring System By: Demo
Cost: $69.00 US

75.6% popularity: LANVisor
LANVisor: Remote Desktop Monitoring System
LANVisor allows you to see the screens of multiple computers connected to the local area network. You can use the software to see what users do on remote computers and automatically take screenshots.
Size: 13.5MB
Last version date: Aug 31, 2016

Matches:  227 First     Previous       Page 2 of 23       Next     Last

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