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Whois.dll component for .NET By: Limilabs Free To Try
Cost: $49.95 US

3.4% popularity: Whois.dll
Whois.dll is a powerful .NET component for whois searches.
Whois.dll is a powerful .NET component for whois searches. You can easily integrate Whois searches with your application using any .NET language. It can perform recursive whois queries and automatically finds the correct whois server.
Size: 698KB
Last version date: Dec 31, 2011

Full-featured NetFlow analysis and detection By: IdeaData Free To Try
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: NetFlow Auditor
Netflow Super Vision to detect and isolate network performance and anomalies
NetFlow Auditor is a network team in a box for total network super vision and delivers a complete, flexible, scalable toolkit for flow-based network behavior anomaly detection and root cause analysis with granular forensics, trending and baselining.
Size: 55.92MB
Last version date: Aug 15, 2010

Multiseat Linux desktop virtualization. By: Userful Corporation Free To Try
Cost: $59.00 US

0% popularity: Userful Multiplier
Addon that allows your Linux OS support up to 10 independent users.
Userful Multiplier multiseat Linux virtual desktop software turns 1 computer into 10 using USB multiseat devices, keyboards, and monitors. Installs on the leading Linux distributions (Ubuntu, RedHat, Novell/SuSE, Fedora, Mandriva, Xandros, etc.).
Size: 16.32MB
Last version date: Jul 21, 2010

Monitor your IP addresses remotely By: Rebrand Software, LLC Free To Try
Cost: $14.95 US

58.8% popularity: IP Helper for Linux
Shows you both your internal and external IP addresses with remote notification
This IP Helper software shows you both your internal and external IP addresses, and can notify you remotely when they change.
Size: 2.81MB
Last version date: Jun 14, 2010

Wakeup & shutdown computers across a network. By: Joseph Cox Free
Cost: $0.00 US

0% popularity: Wake On LAN Ex 2
Wake-up, restart, and shutdown computers across a network or the internet.
Wake On LAN Ex is an application designed to be used with computers that contain network cards which are set to turn on when a "magic packet" is received.
Size: 251KB
Last version date: May 04, 2010

A fully-featured image uploader By: Aurigma Inc. Free To Try
Cost: $149.00 US

0% popularity: Aurigma Image Uploader Dual
Allow your visitors to use an image uploader on your website.
Aurigma Image Uploader is a powerful and user-friendly image uploader for your website. It can be used on a wide range of websites such as online photo galleries, social networking sites, photo sharing sites and more.
Size: 15.25MB
Last version date: Feb 25, 2010

Generates StandAlone SNMP  Agent Framework By: ZOHO Corp. Commercial
Cost: $2000.00 US

2.3% popularity: WebNMS SNMP Agent Toolkit
Rapid prototyping and development tool used for building Java-based Agents
It is a rapid prototyping and development tool used for building Java-based Standalone SNMP agents. It also supports building agents with multi-protocol access to common management information through SNMP, RMI, HTTP and CORBA.
Size: 35.8MB
Last version date: Feb 19, 2010

Omnistar Document Manager By: Omnistar Interactive Commercial
Cost: $187.00 US

58.2% popularity: Omnistar Document Manager Software
Omnistar Drive is a web based document manager software solution.
Omnistar Drive is a web based software solution that allows you to set up and manage your own document management system online.
Size: 4KB
Last version date: Feb 17, 2010

FTP Java file upload applet By: JavaAtWork Free To Try
Cost: $119.00 US

3.3% popularity: MyFTPUploader
Java upload applet for uploading multiple files and folders to an FTP Server
MyFTPUploader is a Java applet for uploading multiple files to an FTP Server. An applet is a piece of software that runs in a web page. The file uploader supports recursive folder uploads, zip and image resizing. During upload a progressbar is shown.
Size: 122KB
Last version date: Oct 01, 2009

RSS Doorway Generator For Top Search Results. By: Genius Software Free To Try
Cost: $49.00 US

2.2% popularity: TrafficTrapper PHP
Dominate Your Market Using the Most Advanced Top Ranking RSS Doorway Generator.
TrafficTrapper PHP is an Advanced and Sophisticated Random RSS Doorway Generator PHP Script that works perfectly on both Windows and Linux Servers. Auto Creates Content Rich Doorway Pages Using an RSS artificial intelligence Unique Content Engine.
Size: 624KB
Last version date: Jun 17, 2009

Matches:  32 First     Previous       Page 2 of 4       Next     Last

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